Gastronomy in Barcelona presents the typical features of Mediterranean Cuisine and, at the same time, influences from other cultures such as Greek, Provençal and Arabic… also, thanks to its location between mountains and sea, you can enjoy the best products of land and sea: cereal, fruit, vegetables, meats and fish accompanied with wine and combined with olive oil of the highest quality.

Between all the specialities, we recommend the visitor to try the following traditional dishes:

Recommended traditional dishes:

  • Faves a la catalana (Catalan-style broad beans)
  • Calçots i la salsa romesco (Grilled scallions with romescu sauce)
  • Escalivada (Grilled eggplant, tomato and red pepper)
  • Butifarra amb mongetes (Pork sausage with white beans)
  • Esqueixada de bacalao (Torn and dried salty cod)
  • Mar i muntanya (Chicken and seafood in a white wine sauce)
  • Pà amb tomàquet y embutidos de la zona (Bread with tomato with local cured meats)
  • Escudella i carn d’olla (Typical soup with spiced mince balls)
  • Suquet de peix (Fish stew)
  • And, among desserts, we recommend crema catalana (crème brûlé) and mel i mató (ricotta cheese with honey and pine nuts)

Recommended local wines

  • Peralada
  • Alella
  • Terra Alta
  • Pla del Bages
  • Priorat
  • Costers del Segre
  • Montsant
  • Conca de Barberà
  • And, of course, cava from Penedès

It is worth mentioning that, today, Catalan cuisine is famous around the world thanks to chefs such as Ferràn Adrià, Carme Ruscalleda or Sergi Arola, who have been highly successful thanks to their cuisine of new creations that mix tradition and avant-garde.